We need to get better at visual inclusivity

July 10, 2019

We’re a small organization that pours any money back into running workshops, providing more free education material and doing research. We also believe we should be paying everyone for their skills and expertise. We support ethical jobs at our own centre in rural Cambodia and have a product selection to support this. Lis is a professional photographer so we leverage that (this helps our costs a lot), we shoot in beautiful places we hire (often from eco folks to support that) and then rely on team & family to model for free. We also send our items to a couple of photographers to get a wider range of styles and images. Lis is attempting to convince a few local friends in Cambodia to do paid shoots but they think this whole photo posing thing is hilarious!

We really want to pay people of color, people with different abilities and those in the LGBTQIA+ community to model, style and shoot high-quality imagery for us. We want everyone to be represented in zero waste & environmentalism. Getting out of the insta bubble takes work. Sometimes it feels like there is a feedback loop for white cis-gendered female content creators particularly in the eco and cooking spaces (who are amazing but we want to see all of us!).⠀

🙌🏾 Hands up if you’re a content creator who doesn’t fit this – we want to know about you (email us)! We’ve done a lot of research and have contacted lots of people for collaboration & quotes. We’re partnering up with some (we’ll tag them in our Instagram account when posting so we are all following awesome folx) ,and saving for others as this work isn’t (nor should be) cheap.

We know this is an area we need to get better in. We’ve got men, kids and women but we are not representing LGBTQIA+, Indigeneous peoples and people of color well. We need to. We’re working on it. If anyone wants to give us a million dollars we would be extremely grateful and promise to use it well. And if anybody who fits this shoots beautiful photos, needs content and would like plenty of free products in exchange for creating a couple of photos and it feels fair and good – reach out to us too and let’s see if we can partner up on something.

We need to get better at visual inclusivity - Nowhere & Everywhere - Environmentalism Sustainability Ethical Business Diversity
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