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👋 Hello awesome business owner! Right now people are looking for where they can ethically shop and procure environmentally friendly services in our Global Eco Directory. We’re a social enterprise working in environmentalism and tens of thousands of eco-conscious people who visit this site are looking for businesses like yours (this was our most requested feature). We’re all about lowering our consumption but housing, food and clothes are part of our lives (thankfully). We want to encourage ethical creation of these items and more sustainable options, using our money to make better choices wherever possible. 

This directory is community sourced and works when we feature as many incredible places as we can across the world. It’s for both local dwellers and tourists lowering their footprint. We’ll add your awesome place (thank you for doing good for the world!), promote the directory via our channels, maintain your listing and ensure it’s beautifully set-up for the many thousands of people in our community we reach each week, and those researching the best options in a new city.

Beautifully designed custom listing page

Great for your SEO on a reputable website

Listed in up to three relevant categories

Multiple links to your site and social media

Opportunities for additional features in the future

Listing supports environmental projects, research & education

Potential features in our popular emails and social media

We reach tens of thousands of people each week

Ready to join? Please submit your information using the form below and you’ll be taken to our payment page. Your payment is for an annual listing (we’ll send you notice to renew your listing in a year) and we’ll set up your individual page within a week. Once it’s live we’ll send through a confirmation and link to view it along with some promotional materials you can utilize.

We can’t wait to see what you’re running!

P.S. Need a little more convincing? You can find frequently asked questions below or email us and we’ll send you a small kit that digs in deeper.


One directory listing
$ 50
00 year
  • Less than $1 per week. This is a once off payment; you'll be sent the option to renew.


Directory listing + your listing on the home page
$ 250
00 year
  • Your spot will also be listed on the landing page of our directory and featured more regularly.


We are big proponents of transparency and have a dedicated section on each individual listing page where we can feature this. Please include a paragraph or two on your supply chain, ethical labor,  business structure etc; the items you think are important to be transparent on. We’d love to encourage you to set up something regarding your business and supply chain transparency on your own website if you haven’t got this in place. Need an example? Check out ours here. If you wish to swap this out with another sustainability or ethics feature that works too.

If you are a partner of 1% for the Planet, you donate part of your profits to a social impact organization, you give back to your community, or you provide your staff a couple of paid weeks to go volunteer each year (or anything else along these lines), we’d love to hear about it! Please pop in a note and where possible including any links that are appropriate and we’ll include it in your listing.

In terms of our giving back at Nowhere & Everywhere, we’re a social enterprise and if we make a profit from this it would be poured straight back into environmental projects. We’d also like to provide community based small sponsorships for projects. 

Fair trade? Ethical labor? OETEX? We’d love to know if you have any certifications. If you don’t have any, not a problem! Outline what you’d like others to know about your spot as best as possible.

We need two beautiful photos for your page! A landscape photo that runs along the top of your page (see our other listings) & map marker, and a portrait photo that features in category listings. Please ensure your photos are looking the best they can. If you’re not sure which photo will work best, please upload a choice of two and we will make the final selection. You can also link to photos in the notes instead.

We have kept our listing fee as low as possible (the cost of one cup of coffee per month or less than $1 per week) so we can support all the small to medium businesses, social enterprises, not-for-profits, and incredible organizations across the world. This small fee allows us to upload everything into our styled listing pages, make changes when needed and run this directory effectively throughout the year. We’re a social enterprise and if we make a profit from this it will be poured straight back into environmental projects. 

Absolutely! Your submission is for one location. If you have multiple, please complete the form for each location. Have more than five locations? Email us and we’ll create a special pricing plan for you and ensure we do all the admin so you don’t need to.

We’d love to welcome you into the directory. Please advise the town or city you are based in and your listing will be shown for that location and noted as online only. Thank you!

Yup! We’ve worked really hard on creating a community that we’re massively engaged in every day full of people that truly care about our environment and both individual and system-wide actions. If you need further information, please email us and we can send you our little kit. Thank you!

All prices are listed in USD and you can process this irrespective of your country. If you’d like to pay the equivalent in AUD, CAD, Euro, NZD or GBP however please email us with your details (as per the form fields below) instead and let us know which currency of those you’d prefer. We’ll flick you an invoice for payment and you’ll be listed. Thank you so much!

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