Listing Questions

Every role that works for an environmental organization, or an environmental role within any other organization (minus our excluded industries).

You might be looking for a scientist on a new project, a botanist or restorations expert. It might be a paid PhD program in climate change, a marine biologist or an urban planner. Maybe it’s a regenerative expert you’re after? Or an innovation consultant? Perhaps you’re looking for a photographer and video production freelancer to create a campaign for your community gardens or social impact work. Or is it an eco-packaging designer or report writer? It could be a UX designer or researcher you’re looking for to use design thinking & principles on an existing sustainability service. The professionals you might really need are incredible support staff to help your environmentally focussed organization grow. There are thousands of roles which you might be looking to fill and we’re open to all of them along as they benefit the environment within a company, not-for-profit, social enterprise, B-Corp, startup or similar.

Yes. Organizations and companies that are, or are primarily funded by, gambling, military, tobacco, sex work or fossil fuel industries. We have two exceptions to this.

  1. We recognize the need for a just transition for workers in the fossil fuel industry and we know some companies are determined to make a transition to only renewable sources too. They need experts on their team and we would like to point those people to them in order for this to succeed – this needs to be made clear in the job description.
  2. We didn’t think we’d need to mention the sex industry on an environmental site but the internet’s largest such company recently launched a campaign to fight ocean plastics so it turns out our worlds can overlap! There are other positions that we can see happening too (see what we did there?). Working on the circular economy of sex toys perhaps? If your organization fits this realm and is sex positive, is founded & directed by women, and does not exploit any sex workers in any way, we’d love to welcome you onboard.

Absolutely! We want to make your life as smooth and easy for you as possible. If you’d like to shoot us an email with your job details instead please do that by mailing [email protected] and letting us know which currency you’d prefer to pay in. We’ll send you through an invoice and upon payment your job will be listed within one working day. If you run Slack in your organization, we’d be more than happy to share a channel. You can drop in a job whenever you’d like (particularly handy if you post a number at a time or frequently), we’ll drop in the invoice, get the jobs set up and pop in the links. We’re around for any quick edits and changes if needed too.

Email us or let’s share a Slack channel and we’ll quickly make it happen. Please email [email protected] with your jobs. We have discounts available for multiple job postings as follows:

Nowhere & Everywhere Environment Conservation Green Ethical Sustainable Jobs Board - Australia USA Canada UK New Zealand - Careers

There absolutely are! Please email us to list multiple jobs to make it easy for you (or we can setup a Slack channel). 

Nowhere & Everywhere Environment Conservation Green Ethical Sustainable Jobs Board - Australia USA Canada UK New Zealand - Careers

We’re pretty lucky to know some incredible recruiters and if you’re here then we know you’re looking for talented folks in the field! You’re welcome to list your positions here to find the perfect candidate. Your job listing will be slightly adjusted to use the logo and title from your recruiting company and it will be noted this is through a recruiting agency. Thank you for doing such an awesome job!

We have discounts available for multiple job postings (see above).

Please email us to arrange multiple listings or post your job below.

Good question! We’re a social enterprise so all our money is poured back into this business. Firstly we set aside a portion for our scholarship fund that you’re directly helping to fund for local environment & justice projects across the world. Secondly the money gets set aside for our work in Cambodia. That means paying for our studio and all the associated costs, a local NGO manager, all the staff there to create ethical jobs, and running environment workshops with the community. We would like to continue to increase this funding. Thirdly it supports covering our global education work. This takes the work of numerous professionals to research, write and manage, creating free guides, explainers, long-form pieces, attending events, establishing resources and growing awareness within the community. Lastly, like any organization we have operational expenses to cover such as keeping this website running and using project management and communication software which we rely very heavily on to orchestrate all of this! Thank you so much for supporting this work.

Our job board is currently only for paid jobs, including freelance positions and paid internships which incur a lower listing fee. We don’t include unpaid volunteer positions but there are some excellent sites online that are doing a great job at rounding these up.

Yes. You can post an exact annual salary figure or the hourly, daily or weekly rate for contract, freelance & paid internship roles. You can also post a salary bracket (i.e $95,000 – $105,000). Please specify whether the salary is inclusive of benefits or exclusive (i.e. salary + benefits). Please note that all jobs must pay at least the equivalent of the national minimum wage. We do not advertise unpaid work so internships are to be paid internships only. Thank you!

Absolutely! You can select to have a physical location and a remote option, or just a remote work position.

Not a problem! Zip us through an email and we’ll quickly get it done. When your job goes live we’ll also be in touch to send you the link.

We know finding the perfect candidate may take longer than the length of your listing so we offer one free extension. All standard roles include a 45 day listing and can be extended by 45 days. Freelance, NFP & paid internship jobs are listed for 30 days and can be extended for 30 days. We want to provide you the best opportunity to find your ideal applicants. 

Please email us to extend your listing and it we will confirm it has been done. Thank you!

Absolutely not! To list your job we have a fee (all of which is poured back into the work we do here) and that’s it. No role placement fees. Nothing hidden. We prefer simple and transparent. Thank you for supporting this work!

We have a PDF ready to send your way! Please email us.

We’d love to chat! Please email us at [email protected].