2 rangers are killed each week protecting our wildlife

Rangers are essentially on call 24 hours a day protecting our environment whilst being in perilous, traumatic and dangerous situations. Every day they put their life on the line to defend our wildlife and environment whilst witnessing awful scenes and violence. The International Ranger Federation Worldwide says about 2 rangers are killed each week.

Depending on which country and area they’re working in, they manage fires, clean the area of mass amounts of largely plastic rubbish, remove snares & traps, confiscate illegal timber and chainsaws, manage feral animals, dismantle illegal setups, help scientific surveys of flora & fauna, stop poachers & interrupt their camps, control weeds and invasive plants, halt illegal land encroachment, and rescue captured wildlife.

They often spend hours in hot sun, trek through dense forests and wade through deep and strong rivers chasing down illegal poachers, loggers and litterers.

Here are some rangers we love & follow:

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