American vs European emissions

If the average American had the carbon emissions of the average EU citizen, the country’s emissions would fall by 60%. That’s a huge amount. EU citizens live pretty well – and thanks to a few good policies, tend to have better standards in respect to things like healthcare, working weeks and education. Most people would be pretty happy living this way. ⁠

Since the average Australian and Canadian’s emissions are similar to the US, the same goes for these countries. ⁠

EU per capita CO2 emissions (metric tons) = 6.4⁠
Australia per capita CO2 emissions = 15.4 ⁠
USA per capita CO2 emissions = 16.5⁠
Canada per capita CO2 emissions = 15.2⁠

To tease some of those European countries out:⁠

United Kingdom = 6.5⁠
Netherlands = 9.9⁠ (we have work to do Dutchies!)
Germany = 8.9⁠
Denmark = 5.9⁠
France = 4.6⁠

For interest, China = 7.5⁠

This data is from the latest available at the World Bank (2014).