Bezos is not a billionaire climate hero

Here’s the full piece on Bezos and his climate pledge. Is it the worst thing in the world right now? Absolutely not by any measure. Is it something that we should have praised and shown extreme gratitude for in public? Also not. ⁠

There is genuinely good news in the world and genuinely good people who work their whole lives without trying to get attention – just doing the work. Let’s celebrate that. Let’s shower that with our efforts and resources. We also need to remember to place both data and stories in context, from multiple angles. So much of what we share these days, and what get’s written about, is lacking context and perspective. Let’s make sure we’re always giving it.⁠

10 billion is great but we don’t need to be grateful for billionaires. You don’t become one ethically and sustainably. Destroying and exploiting on one side is not made up by philanthropy on the other (no matter how much we love the goods created).⁠

Bezos is a lesson. And it needs context. Here it is.⁠