Bricks for the fun guy

April 25, 2020

🍄 We’ve got a joke for this one first…why does the mushroom get invited to all the parties? Because he’s a fun-guy!⁠

Lame jokes are our bread and butter 🤣 ⁠

Would you live in a house made of fungi? Fungi are the key to a new low-carbon, fire-resistant and termite-deterring building material! This type of material, known as a mycelium composite, combines agricultural and industrial waste to create lightweight but strong bricks. It’s cheaper than synthetic plastics or engineered wood, and reduces the amount of waste that goes to landfill. ⁠

Mushroom is doing all kinds of things lately (including leather). It’s a bit of a wonder vegetable. Hands up if you love them! ⁠

Want another joke? What kind of room has no windows or doors? A mushroom!