Change your pension plan

We know this is a totally boring topic and most of us under the age of 50 have absolutely no idea what the future will look like and how much funding we’ll even have access to. BUT right now the money we have in our retirement, pension and 401k funds is doing a lot of damage.

This week we challenge you to check where your fund is being invested and if needed, look for a better option in your region to switch to wherever possible. If we remove the funding available for a lot of these projects that makes it one major step harder to keep going. To add to that if you have kids (or are hoping to), we can probably safely assume you care about the future. This is one individual action that will really help to shape it. We know life admin sucks but maybe now is the time to do it? In some countries it only takes a few minutes to move it after some research._ In others you may have no control over it / options in which case it’s time to contact your government. _
Scroll across for things to watch out for and some sources to search. We’d love to know your country and what you’ve found and will switch to. Know of an excellent provider? Tag them in so we can all learn!
P.S. Hundreds of bonus points for funds run by women; this is a massively male dominated industry.