Corona and the climate

Ok, let’s do this! Let’s talk about the problems with our current position in coronavirus, the impact on the environment, why they really are different, what we really can learn, the fast train straight into systemic issues we’re experiencing and what we can expect in the future. Are we going to make permanent change? What do you think?⁠

This is an in-depth article by Lis and it covers numerous aspects of this crisis, our environmentalism and how we put things back into context (something sorely missing at the moment). It’s broken up into sections on the data, the risk, the price of life, the environmental impact, the hypocrisy, the differences, the learnings, systemic issues and the future. Would love to hear your thoughts. Link in bio (or head to the Environment Blog on the website).⁠

Hoping everyone here is safe and well – and a reminder that we’re always here for a chat. We know this is not an easy time in so many ways 💚

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