Disruptive transparency, not disruptive innovation

If you’ve spent any time using services like Netflix or Uber, or hung around the business world, you may have heard about disruptive innovation a lot. Geoengineering would be disruptive too. I don’t want it though. I want disruptive transparency. ⁠

I want it from supply chains. All of them; from fashion to furniture to the food I see on the shelves and eat. I want it from politicians. I want it from shareholders, from disclosure statements, from charities, startups and social enterprises. I want it from the internet of things. I want it from the AI and algorithms that are perpetuating our racist and sexist biases. I want it from designers, engineers and developers who are creating products designed to fail, and destined for landfill.⁠

Bring on the politicians wearing the logos of companies that sponsor them – or that have vested financial interests in – on every outfit, every day; just like our sports stars.⁠

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