Food waste challenges

Did you know that we waste about one third of all of our food every year according to the UN? It’s even higher in many industrialized countries. America wastes about 40% of all their food and about half (HALF!) of all seafood. Australians throw away nearly $10 billion worth of food each year. While we waste a whole lot at supermarkets, restaurants, manufacturers and farms, we individually also contribute a huge amount to this problem (some studies say more, others less – it’s difficult to calculate so we will just say it is significant enough to require individual action on this one).

Reducing food waste is one of the top solutions to staying under 2 degrees warming as per Project Drawdown and given the amount of land use change purely so we have supermarkets full of produce and meat, we should at least not waste it.

So it’s time for a challenge! This week we challenge you to reduce your food waste to as near to zero as you can – we’ve put together some challenges for you to conquer. One of the easiest things to do is actually use up the entirety of the item as much as possible.

We’d love to hear how you go and what you find hardest? Lis is always stuck with onion peels as the worms dont like them and nobody seems to want bags of them for compost!