Good news in environmental work is hard

Good news in environmental work is hard. We work in this every single day, we have scores of filters set up to capture good news, we spend hours cross checking facts, going back to that same topic that was in the news last year with conflicting information, reading scientific papers, double checking math and scouring the web every week. _

Good environmental news at scale isn’t simply waiting to be uncovered! It needs our work – a lot more of it – for it to be created. There are genuine wins every week (pipelines that don’t go ahead for example) that need our celebrations for the extraordinary efforts involved but our wins – which are unfortunately far fewer than our losses – nearly always (exhaustingly) require our constant attention.

If you’re like nearly any human and still need happy hits, to see inspiring projects or want to be the first to know when the news we’re cheering about happens we wrap it into our Weekly Round sent at the end of each week (link in our bio).

See the slides here.