Growing your own food is an act of rebellion

Growing your own food is an act of rebellion in this world. The current food system is a disgrace. We’re shipping products across the world each day, importing produce we grow locally because it makes economic sense (somehow), creating “exotic” superfoods that destroy Indigenous land, waste a mammoth amount before it even reaches the shops and then waste a whole lot more from our fridges. We’re monocropping, clearing lands across areas that should never be touched, endangering animals, spraying an endless figure of chemicals and creating health hazards and deaths. And then there’s the monopoly of supermarkets and their practises. And the limitless supply of plastic. ⁠

We saw a large supermarket this year even advertise the food they had “saved” due to its shape for a food waste campaign…neglecting to mention the only reason it couldn’t sell normally was due to their crazy shape & shine rules. Greenwashing at its finest! The food system is stuffed. Eat local, eat in season, grow your own and compost wherever possible.⁠

Earlier this year Em & Adam started a communal vegetable and fruit patch for their neighbors to share. It all looks amazing and everybody gets to join in. It’s pretty darn cool. Worm farms are a fav for all of us – they’re just the best. ⁠

Do you grow your own food? Manage your own food waste? Does your town or city collect this separately? If so, what system are they using? We’d love to hear and use 2020 as the year many, many more places come on board with community gardens, fruit tree planting and food waste composting.