Hi friends, these are interesting times! How are you feeling? Thinking? Doing? We know this might get to be really painful for a whole lot of us (we should be sending much more money into social justice projects and lower-income communities) and we’re here for anyone who wants a chat. Things are being cancelled everywhere, small and medium businesses & social enterprises are about to do it extremely tough, people are losing their jobs, clients are shutting down, and charities (like the one we fund) are about to be hit hard with individuals and companies pulling money. We’re also hoping that this period of time might help us shift the way we do life. Maybe this is our catalyst to reassess how we work, live, travel and consume. Some version of Universal Basic Income would also be extremely helpful for situations like this. ⁠

In the meantime, we’re all joining together. For those of us that are still going to work. For the silent heroes restocking panic-riddled supermarkets and carers + nurses looking after our oldest humans who are scared and need help. For those of us that will be at home with a whole lot more time on our hands. For those that are extremely stressed about how we’ll afford that home and for those able to seize this break. For those that have to balance kids home from school closures and working from home. For those that will be socially isolated for weeks and lonely and for those that will be ecstatic (introverts unite!). We’ve got some Story templates up (and in our highlight) to fill out and share around.⁠

You can find all these templates here and in our Instagram stories.

We’d love to see yours and share! Tag us in 🙂 ⁠