India must stop deforesting (like all of us!)

Floods are now an annual nightmare in many parts of southern and western India. These floods appear to be getting more severe. Climate change is causing stronger and more erratic rainfall with recurrent floods in low-lying areas while population growth is placing more people in risky areas (something we are dealing with across the world). ⁠
In India, deforestation for spice, tea, coffee and rubber plantations is exacerbating these impacts. Deforestation makes flooding more severe as it reduces the land’s ability to retain water. In order to help mitigate the flooding that will likely continue, we need to prevent significant deforestation. That also means putting in place policies and regulations to stop this and on the other side, helping the workers who would lose a much needed income from this. ⁠

Anyone here from or living in India? We’d love to hear your thoughts! Please add your perspective.