Let’s get our facts straight about the Amazon fires and veganism

The fires in the Amazon have stirred up a lot of discussion. Even amongst those who generally don’t care so much about environmental matters. It makes sense as so many of us grew up with the Amazon as a backdrop. But there’s a whole lot of misinformation and confusion. We’ve seen lots of constructive conversations and also many filled with misdirected anger. Along with a major promotion and backlash to veganism.

Aren’t forest fires normal? Yes, but not here. Is it really the worst year? No. What are they caused by? Humans. What for? Cattle ranching, livestock feed, timber, mining. Land speculation. Doesn’t this all reek of colonialism? Yes. Is it really the lungs of our planet? No, not at all. What’s the biggest issue? Human rights. Then politics. Is there anything we can actually do? Yes. We have 12 solutions. Will not eating meat help?

Well… we cover all the questions here!