The Anti-Science Climate Denier Caucus

According to the Center for American Progress Action Fund 150 members of congress – all Republicans – do not believe in the scientific consensus that human activity is creating the Earth’s climate change. Notably, since the previous congress, the number of climate deniers has decreased by 30 members, in part because 47 former deniers retired, resigned, or were defeated in their 2018 re-election.

However nearly 60% of Republican members still do not believe in climate change and the urgent threat that it poses. And they’re raking in the political donations for it. The group of 150 have so far accepted a total of more than $68 million in direct contributions from the fossil fuel industry. And this is only the official figure. There’s significantly more lobbying.

The Climate Denier Caucus shows whether each state’s representation in congress denies accepted climate science. You can click on each member’s name to see their statement on climate change. Oooh. Let’s do better voting this year America? And next year. And the one after that. And the one after that. You get the idea.

How do they know whether they’re a climate denier? Good question! CAP considered a number of different stances in the definition:

__Believing that climate change is not real or is a hoax_
__Believing that the climate has always been changing and continues to do so, and saying that the Earth is just in a standard cycle of warming_
__Thinking that the science around climate change is not settled, or claiming that since they are not scientists themselves, they cannot know_
__Believing that humans are contributing to a changing climate but are not the main contributors despite overwhelming evidence to the contrary_

CAP reviewed public statements by all current members of congress and for those whose statements were unclear or unavailable, they reached out to their offices requesting clarification and comment.