The definitive guide to sustainable leathers

We’ve got a new guide up all about leather alternatives! We’ve highlighted a number here. Wine, coffee and pineapple all use waste to make the leather which is ideal as we’re probably not going to give those three things up in the world (though the impacts of climate change might limit our ability to consume them!). There are some other pretty cool options too and a lot more we have our eye on that are being developed out as we speak (clever creative scientists). ⁠

Of course, the first – and best – thing we need to do is limit our consumption. Once we’ve done that, and ensured none of this turns into monocropping, we can have a range of options for products we need that will last for years without the impact that conventional leathers have.⁠

Take a look at the extended guide online for a discussion on leather, links and resources to all these alternatives + more or swipe through and let us know your thoughts and favorite, or if you’ve bought an item using any of these!

See the guide!