The Great Barrier Reef faces 45 risks

Last year the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority produced the 2019 Outlook Report, required by law every five years.⁠

It showed the total number of threats to this stunning and important reef has increased from 41 to 45. The most well known threats relate to climate change and poor water quality, however many of the 45 threats are not well known or understood.⁠

All but two are happening now – and most are steadily getting worse. The new threats include the loss of cultural knowledge, especially by Indigenous traditional owners, and the potential negative impacts of genetic modification which are not well understood but could occur when modified organisms are released into the wild.⁠

Swipe across to see the most alarming risks to this ecosystem. These risks are very serious, and the situation is getting worse. The outlook of the reef was also downgraded from ‘poor’ to ‘very poor’. ⁠

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