The Inconvenience Store in Melbourne

The Inconvenience Store in Melbourne is providing fresh produce to people finding it difficult to access fresh food. The project, started by the non-profit social enterprise Lentil As Anything, wished to do something about food waste, and also to get food to people who need it.⁠

We are loving seeing the new concepts for markets, restaurants & apps coming out using food leftovers, cooking with food waste, having refill aisles & zero-waste items and ensuring it is accessible to everyone, across the world (we’ve got a few we’re going to feature for their amazing commitments and work!).⁠

This is all happening at an individual level. We also need governments to work on policies for big chains to source foods locally (rather than exporting locally produced foods, only to import the same items from somewhere else), to heavily regulate plastic packaging & food waste, to subsidize (or reduce taxes) on fresh produce rather than fossil fuels, to encourage food growth around neighborhoods, to provide funding for community gardens & education workshops on native plants, pollinators & permaculture, and to help alleviate the issues that cause underlying poverty and access issues.