The world needs topsoil to grow 95% of its food – but it’s rapidly disappearing

The world needs topsoil to grow 95% of its food – but it’s rapidly disappearing. For example, in the US, soil on cropland is eroding 10 times faster than it can be replenished. Without efforts to rebuild soil health, we could lose our ability to grow enough nutritious food to feed our growing population. ⁠

There’s a lot we can do as a world but we’re going to use this an opportunity to talk about growing our own food again. If you’ve got a small balcony space, a large garden, a community area, a neighborhood verge or an abandoned space near you, start planting! ⁠

Check out your local Buy Nothing group, get some seeds or little starter plants, pot the ends of your own finished herbs, collect seeds, learn about soil health and start following some great gardeners here on the gram. We like @deannacat3 who provides great insights into her space and @blackgirlswithgardens will lead you to so many amazing womxn! Anyone else we should know about? Tag them in! ⁠

We do know that this might cost a little bit depending on current resources so if you need a little funding please check out our scholarship fund and apply. We’d love to see some more community gardens and composting / worms too. The scholarship fund is made possible through our Environment Jobs Board.⁠