Tracking your projects against the Sustainable Development Goals

Because they’re so ingrained in us we probably don’t talk about the SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals) enough around these parts. Lis used to work with the Millenial Development Goals a decade ago for childhood education and gender equity in international development. The results of those were a bit of a mixed bag. We certainly need to do a whole lot better on the SDGs.⁠

Does everyone here know these? They’re the global goals set out from 2015 (replacing the MDGs of which many were absorbed in) to 2030 and include 17 top-level goals with a breakdown in each. The website is well worth going to to check these out.⁠

Our work here touches on numerous of these and you’ll see our blog posts also highlight any goals related to the piece we’re writing on. ⁠

What we do try to reiterate a lot in the offline world is that ALL businesses should be tracking every project, service and product with these. If it doesn’t align, should it be happening at all? If you work for a company, go and check if your business has a public statement online about it and then see if your work aligns with it (i.e. it’s actually being implemented). If you work for a small business, ask the owner. If there’s not a plan for it, make it yourself. Use the subcategories and figure out what areas you touch or where you could use your business to make an impact, and then present this. Same goes for your own organization. Use it at every meeting decisions are being made related to delivery. These global frameworks are what we all have to gather around to get to the future we want to create together. ⁠

We’ll take any questions you’ve got! ⁠