Trump and the environment

There’s a lot to capture our attention lately (rightly so) but it can be difficult to keep a track of what’s happening in our environment. So much has gone under the radar (understandably) in the past few weeks (and months with the company pollution reporting pauses during Covid) that needs a second look when you get a chance. In the States, even during a global pandemic and the much needed, sustained voices and protest for Black rights and lives, the administration has still been busy rolling back and reversing numerous environment policies. The first shot shows the number of policies that have been reversed and those that are in progress of being rolled back.

Again, there is no sustainable future without social justice, racial justice and environmental progress. They all intersect and influence one another.

The New York Times has been keeping a running list of these updated as they happen with reporters consistently tracking and following up. It’s fairly obvious the task has been to roll back pretty much anything the previous administration implemented and it’s also pretty clear the current administration could not care less about the future of America or the planet. Some of these acts are callous and others are infuriatingly maddening.

It makes for an intense reading list but if you’re in the States we recommend going through it to understand what’s happening and then vote. Speak to your local reps about what they are supporting on human rights, equity and our environment. Know your local elections, know what exactly you’re voting for and get active in the politics. Join movements, check out grassroots organizations, make calls where you can, write about it, donate your time or money, or encourage friends to where it’s not possible for you. We can’t block the impacts of one country off from another and these measures nearly always disproportionately impact communities of color.