Vacation streets

Lis is a little too smug we get to post about the Netherlands twice in a week! The EU summer is about to be very different to other years when there is a mass exodus around the continent to delight in the sunshine, mountains and islands. Though there will be some of this, a partnership between some very cool orgs has designed Vacation Streets in the Netherlands. Cars are moved out of the way (there are plenty of empty garages and car parking lots) and the streets come alive with summer activities and rest spots instead. It’s a people’s effort to reclaim the streets. You can choose to have a play package, reading package, green package or world kitchen – or all of them!

Working with local government divisions these streets can pop up across the country and we think this is pretty damn cool. It would be a great way to spend time close to home, outdoors and getting to hang with your neighbors and meet new people (if you wanted). Plus we’re fairly sure this is a kids dream too. The video thermometre shows no vacation mode, basic vacation, and maximal vacation mode. Who wants a holiday street? We do! Also, more innovative ideas like this? Yes please.

Partnership project: HumanKind @humankindcity, Drift (Dutch Research Institute For Transitions) and Happy Mobility