We need to work less, and differently

Nearly one hundred years ago John Maynard-Keynes made the famous assessment that the grandchildren of then would be working 15 hours a week with the rest spent on leisure time. His prediction has of course turned out to be astoundingly incorrect.⁠

Many of us don’t want to be working this much (at least not on the businesses that aren’t our own, without time for side projects, or passions that aren’t ours). We’re often stuck in a system that has us working five days a week in order to pay for accommodation and food. Even with significantly lower consumption rates, mortgages/rent and bills push many of us to the edge of a cliff without savings. But whilst many of us are working 40+ hour work weeks, we’re also contributing to the constant degradation of the world around us.⁠

We can however change this. Quickly. We have skyrocketing “productivity” and yet we’re stuck in the same cycle not using any creative thinking for how we shift away from the modern system. We’re increasingly unsatisfied with the way our world works and work isn’t working for us. ⁠

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Thoughts on the state of our work, the system we’re trying to navigate and the job you’re in?