What would Jesus drive?

Outside of religious circles, we don’t often hear about religion and environmentalism at large. From our understanding it can get a bit controversial inside depending on what you believe and how you believe it too. There are often a few colliding points.⁠

For example, according to a study from the Yale Program on Climate Change Communication, evangelicals are most likely to believe that a god expects humans to be good stewards of nature but also showed that evangelicals are the least likely to believe that climate change is real and human-induced. ⁠

Rough Translation by NPR had a really interesting episode last year imagining if evangelical Christians in the United States wanted to fight climate change with the same energy of the fight against reproductive rights… with a significant set of the population, would U.S. environmental policies look different? Would the world’s?⁠

This then is the story of two evangelical Christians on a mission to help evangelicals and environmentalists find common ground and a way to work together. ⁠We know this gets complex – science and religion more commonly don’t always have a huge overlap – but we can all decide to take care of this one planet we share. We all benefit from that. ⁠

We also know we have quite a few people of all kinds of faiths and backgrounds here that are massively part of reducing our own impacts, the activist movement, climate justice and working in environmentalism. Is that you? Please tell us your own experience and perspective if you’re comfortable 🙂 ⁠

Do you have any others thoughts to share on this? We’d love to hear!⁠