What’s in season?

Our food systems are extremely messed up. Buying locally, in season and ideally from a supplier that’s not a giant supermarket, really does go a long way (or in this case, a short way!).⁠ Supporting smaller, regenerative farms in your area is even more incredible if you have access to this (a lot of research is sometimes helpful too – they aren’t always easy to find and track). ⁠

Want a little food hack to know what’s in season? Generally the food that is most abundant at the supermarket and the cheapest of the year for that produce – pick those! Check the labels for location and you can look up what is local in your area too. We are also huge advocates of growing your own food where you can (be a rebel and grow it). Food foraging is also seriously fun when you do it with someone else. A lot of places have a facebook, reddit, google map or blog post about where to start online but you can give it a whirl just by looking around you much closer.⁠

A couple of the team are lucky enough to have a community garden they set up where we can grow fruit and vegetables and change these over with the seasons. ⁠

Balcony gardens are also totally possible in city areas and we’re pretty sure allotment gardens should become far more popular across the world! ⁠

Remember also that food waste is a gigantic issue. 30 – 50% of all our food is wasted and when food rots in landfill it produces methane gas that is 25 times more potent than CO2.⁠

Worm farms are amazing from the tiniest of balconies and composts can run your whole garden efficiently. What do you do in this complicated, globalized food system? Any tips? Favorite places? Farms or services you’d love to shout out to?