Wherever possible avoid fast food

Fast food is terrible for our health. There is absolutely nothing good about it. Animal welfare is rarely adequately addressed in real action. Most of the meat comes from factory farms. Workers are routinely exploited particularly at slaughterhouses. And to top it all off, it’s horrific for our environment. Fast food chains and meat production is responsible for large deforestation and land use change. They rarely ever rely on renewable energy nor invest in their buildings doing so. They transport meat millions of miles around the world each year. Their water consumption is on a scale we cannot fathom. And just try and imagine the global impact of packaging they use and produce daily. It is having such an impact, even investors are now calling for them to work more on sustainability. ⁣⁣⠀
We know a lot of people are screaming from the rooftops our desperate situation in respect to meat eating. Here’s hopefully a little easier way – cut out all the fast food you can. These conglomerates with their slick marketing are giants; they have huge environmental footprints. The WRI estimates by 2050 global meat and dairy consumption is on a course to increase by nearly 70%, with beef consumption increasing by more than 80%.

Whilst we would love if no massive, corporate fast food chains existed we also recognize that some people and families rely on these places in the society we’ve created. We want the roots of those problems to be addressed. Everybody should have access to healthy, fresh, chemical-free food at reasonable prices.⁣ And that should start at school (no industry influence, lobbying or otherwise should infect this area of policy-making) and in the grocery aisle.
If you’re able to however, cut the junk. It’s killing us and our world.