Women we should know

There are hundreds of resources making the rounds in respect to racial & social justice. There are many excellent recommendations out there so if you need anything specific please feel welcome to ask us and we can hopefully point you in the right direction. We will always continue to raise justice & equity; it is embedded in everything we should all do (for us this mostly results in environmental justice related studies, stories, campaigns & communicating underreported issues).

For another project we feature stories from womxn across the world who led the way and we thought we might share some. Women (this includes anyone who identifies as a woman) have regularly been left off the pages of history, gone unacknowledged and, though it has improved, there are still so many issues.

Women of color face much higher barriers and experience even less representation and recognition. There are vast racial disparities amongst womxn that need to be consistently highlighted. Black women have far higher maternal mortality rates for example. In the US & Australia, Indigenous women experience violence significantly more. This HAS to change.

One of our words this decade is participation and that includes knowing our history, knowing who we’re voting for, and knowing the emerging & leading voices today; across industries & peoples. We need to participate in that in addition to so much active work. The protests in the States, Hong Kong and Sudan have shown us the massive energy & effort we all require.

In light of what is happening in the US + reflections across a number of countries in the world, here is a tiny collection of Black women in America we should all know. In addition to anti-racism resources, look up their names and dig into their stories. Read books with kids in your life, watch documentaries and listen to podcasts. Follow any foundations or campaigns they run, join those still with us on social media, support the causes they fought / fight for, donate (time or money) to organizations working in these spaces if that’s possible for you, know their names and share their work.

See the women here.