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May 3, 2020

Our designs imitate the hierarchies and patterns present in nature to create more harmonious living environments. Using a modular approach, we are able to break down the complexity of natural patterns to reveal order. We believe the materials we build with can affect our wellbeing as much as the food we eat, the water we drink and the air we breathe.

To improve air quality and protect the health of your family, we use low-VOC paints, adhesives and sealants and products without formaldehyde. We recommend products made from natural plant-based materials, contributing no greenhouse emissions, and free of harmful chemicals. Using sustainably sourced materials in construction such as plantation timbers, stone and leather we can create a space that feels warm, tactile and full of natural character. We use timber internally that adds warmth and a sense of calm, encouraging you to explore a dialogue with these outdoor textures.

We do everything for you. Our highly specialised team will project manage every step. From the initial creative concept to Council works (if required), to the exciting interiors fitout, right through to the amazing installation by our allied Construction Partner.

Things of note

Archiblox homes are designed around the sun, wind and weather patterns of the specific building site. It’s this awareness of natural systems that allows every Archiblox home to be supported by nature in a number of ways.

• Green roofs are used to create healthy, ecologically responsible buildings. They improve a building’s thermal performance, save energy and support living vegetation. This further helps the greater environment by providing improved air quality and reduced urban temperatures.

• Reducing water intake: We only use AAA-rated water consumption appliances and fixtures like dual-flush toilets, low-flow showerheads, and solar and instantaneous hot-water systems to save water and energy.

• Re-use: We offer rainwater-harvesting systems such as water tanks or bladders to serve toilets, laundry, bathroom and kitchen utilities.

• Recycling and landscaping: We promote sustainable landscaping with drought-tolerant plants, green roofs and permeable pathways for natural filtration. Our grey-water systems can be used to irrigate green roofs and design vegetable gardens, to make every drop of water go further.

• Solar features are recommended throughout our Archiblox designs which include rain water tanks, solar cells and battery storage, allowing the design to naturally sustain itself and provide minimal impact on its environment.


We have a simple and transparent cost structure that we share with clients throughout the process. Archiblox ensures clients are well versed and understanding of the pricing structure. With its energy conscious design and materials, an Archiblox home comes with a minimum 6-star rating as standard. If you aspire to an even higher rating, we’ll be happy to work with you to achieve it. Our designs can reach 7-10 star rating* and completely off grid.

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