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May 3, 2020

Inspired by the Cornish landscape, our sustainable buildings are designed with your health, comfort and well-being at their core. Having specialised in sustainable architecture and low-energy buildings since 2003, ARCO₂ have a core business philosophy of protecting the environment whilst creating the finest Architecture in Cornwall and the south west. Designed and constructed with the surrounding environment in mind, we use low energy building methods. Using natural and local materials, the latest energy-efficient ventilation and heating systems to achieve contemporary sustainable buildings.

Local and natural materials are sourced with recycling, local economy and health impacts in mind. Coupled with the latest renewable technologies, materials are chosen to future proof your build ahead of current regulations. As architects in Cornwall, we are inspired by the landscape and The Duchy’s way of life. Our sustainable buildings are designed with your health, comfort and well-being at their core. Sustainable Architecture is more than a building, it’s a way of life.

Things of note

Passive House is the fastest-growing energy performance standard in the world. Originating in Germany, its primary aim is to reduce energy and improve comfort through intelligent design. The five Passive House principles are thermal bridge-free design, superior windows, ventilation with heat recovery, quality insulation, and irtight construction.

Passive Houses require minimal heating; often only a few radiators or heated towel rails are all that is required. ARCO2 are dedicated to sourcing and using sustainable materials to minimise environmental impact. Both of our practice and our clients. Where possible we try and source materials locally in Cornwall, then look to the UK and finally from Europe. We try to avoid specifying materials from further afield.

Our top 5

Our top 5 sustainable materials are: 1) Green roofs creating biodiversity which also reduces rainwater run-off 2) Bi-products that are upcycled such as waste sheeps wool from the rug making industry for insulation 3) Recycled products such as newspaper insulation, wood fibre insulation boards, sheathing boards (low embodied energy) 4) Natural products such as paints, plasters, stone and timber 5) Timber from sustainable sources which is FSC or PEFC certified. Generally this is softwood grown in Europe or locally grown here in Cornwall You can see all our practises on our website.

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