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Happy & Co Farm

May 3, 2020

Our aim is to not only create year round employment and produce locally grown chemical free vegetables but to lessen the dependence upon the uncontrolled importation of vegetables from neighbouring countries. We started with a barren rice paddy field and began digging reservoirs to catch the rains and nurturing the land back to health with biochar and organic compost. After the first crops were planted we began preparing an area to build the first of the climate controlled hydroponic greenhouses.

Our self taught farmers face many challenges,unpredictable weather, competition from uncontrolled imports, high power costs and many other unique obstacles. Daily perseverance has paid off and today they are positioned to meet the growing demand for their healthy vegetables.

Things of note

The quest for knowledge has taken the Happy + Co team to horticultural exhibitions and field studies locally & abroad. Back home we have applied their acquired knowledge into the construction and operation of controlled environment hydroponic greenhouses & agriculture. To maintain a consistent supply of pesticide free crops we must respond quickly and expertly to the changing environment & weather conditions.


The Happy + Co Farm employs over 40 women & men who plant, harvest and market its increasingly varied produce, in addition they also build and equip greenhouses to allow for year-round harvesting.

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