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You can park in the neighborhood at the parking of Oostenburgereiland. Tram 7 (stop Eerste Coehoornstraat) stops in front of our restaurant.


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Instock – Amsterdam

April 29, 2020

At restaurant Instock in Amsterdam, our chefs create the most delicious breakfast, lunch, brunch and dinner from food surplus. How about cauliflower leaves becoming kimchi for your gnocchi? Or the less popular belly and tail of the salmon, turned into a delicious salmon tartare? Just two examples from the eight new dishes on our dinner menu. All eight are based on different preserving techniques.

We rescue food surplus and imperfect produce from growers, packers and producers. Think of products like blemished fruits and vegetables, one-day-old bread and meat and fish surplus. The harvest of the day is a surprise for us – every day again. That doesn’t only count for you as a guest, but also for our chefs! Since improvising is what they do best, we managed to rescue over 25,000 kilograms of food already.

Things of note

Book a table at one of our restaurants, give our cook book Instock Cooking as a present to someone, order a Pieper Bier or Bammetjes Bier or try the rescued dishes we serve in our food truck! You can also hire Instock for private events.

Our mission

Our mission is to reduce food waste and create awareness of the issue. We take on this challenge quite literally by using products that would otherwise remain unsold. Moreover, we believe that awareness should be raised in a positive and fun way. Food is all about enjoyment after all! We have noticed that we’ve gotten more out of touch with the food we eat in the last decades. With all the facilities that the present-day has to offer, we don’t need to put much effort into our meals anymore. There’s enough food and plenty of choice. Our goal is to make people value food more in several ways: through a good dining experience in one of our restaurants, via our masterclasses, and by selling products like our cook books Instock Cooking and Circular Chefs and our craft beers Pieper Bier and Bammetjes Bier.

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