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Rhodora Wine Bar

May 2, 2020

Rhodora Wine Bar strives to be the first zero waste wine bar of its kind in the country. With the opening of Rhodora, owner Henry Rich and deputy director Halley Chambers have built a program that will send absolutely nothing to landfill. No single-use plastics will be utilized or accepted into the space, and the group will only source and utilize products across its food, beverage, and operations that can be recycled, up cycled, or composted. Decisions around food and beverage are guided by this foundational ethos – a commitment to minimizing waste wherever and however possible. Similarly, decisions around staffing and our business model are guided by sustainability and respect for the people who work in the space.

All of Rhodora’s food partners have pledged to use packaging materials that can be composted or recycled, and in many cases, are working to create closed-loop delivery systems in which the vessel of delivery is returned and reused.

Things of note

By featuring small-farm, natural winemakers, the Rhodora team partners with wine producers who share a similar respect for the land and environment, working against the often harmful impacts of large-scale wine.

By offering shelf stable tinned fish in portioned servings, hard cheeses with long shelf lives, and pickled vegetables, Rhodora strives to minimize the amount of waste created in normal restaurant operations, minimize the need to bring extraneous cleaning products or solutions into the space, and create a program that is maximally friendly to the environment. Aluminium and tin is the most easily recyclable of all materials and also one of the most valuable.

Staff profit sharing

Rhodora is reimagining the typical restaurant hierarchy, putting forward a new staffing model where team members are cross-trained to excel at each position in the space. In eliminating the traditional divide between front of house and back of house, Rhodora aims to cultivate a culture of respect and empathy for each position and role. In addition, the staff will receive ten percent of profits on a quarterly basis.

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