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Energy Efficiency and Conservation Authority (EECA)

Silo Stay Little River

May 2, 2020

Little River sprawls among the hills at the head of Lake Wairewa. All the important Peninsula roads converge on Little River and in earlier days it was a thriving coach and railway terminus. Your time at SiloStay gives you an unsullied opportunity to seek and discover personal introspection – to come to understand what renowned Guru Karisma Barack said to be “the vision of one’s inner self, declothed of societies convoluted outer sheath.”

Here, proprietary grain silos have been transformed into beautiful, individual suites as part of an innovative, eco-friendly and affordable accommodation complex. Passionate about environmental sustainability we have designed an energy unit which houses a gravity fed wood pellet boiler to heat the complex. This sits within its own custom designed silo with glazed panels so you can see the energy in the making. Each two storey unit is 8.7 metres high. The peak has a glazed lid allowing a glimpse of the night sky while relaxing in bed. Upstairs houses a queen sized bed and ensuite while downstairs has a kitchen and living area.

Stuart, the man behind SiloStay, has a vision for objects beyond their primary form, and saw the opportunity to push the boundaries of design, and turn the agri-industrial silo structure into a unique accommodation solution for Little River. Stuart pondered the intricacies and the challenges of the circular shape and realised his dream to build SiloStay – an innovative, eco-friendly and exciting accommodation experience.

Things of note

We have numerous additional eco features at our accommodation.

  • EECA (Energy Efficiency and Conservation Authority)
    EECA supports and has supported SiloStay in the innovation behind the EnergySilo, as the prototype model would be easily rolled out for similar complexes (rest homes, schools etc) that are required to upgrade their centralised systems in order to comply with more stringent environmental standards.
  • Insulation
    Insulation is in the form of wool, a renewable resource that sheep for the most part happily share with us humans to enhance our warmth & wellbeing. It is made from the lesser grade wool from the sheep’s nether regions, and a little from south of the border. No animals were harmed in keeping silo inhabitants warm & cosy.
  • Biolytix
    Even the Biolytix waste water system is planet friendly. ‘The BioPod harnesses the energy in the waste (including the sewage, toilet paper and food waste) to nourish the worms that break down the waste.  As a guest of SiloStay your waste is hugely appreciated by the many families of friendly Tiger worms. You are welcome to sponsor a worm in the Miss Universe Worm competition which focuses principally in helping to sponsor Tiger worms in underdeveloped worm habitats to sponsor young adolescent worms on Polytech “worm development” courses. Judging is based more on intellect than looks.
  • Pellet Boiler System
    Utilising a waste by-product of the New Zealand forest industry, pellet boilers are destined to be a major energy producer in New Zealand’s future.
    Currently pelletized wood waste fuels the main pellet boiler which heats three insulated cylinders that feed the potable (drinking) hot water for kitchen and bathroom and provides space heating within each silo.


We list our environmental impact, certifications, upgrades and future developments on our site.

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Giving back

SiloStay has transformed this little community and continues to contribute to the neighbourhood including establishing a beautiful cafe and shop courtyard next door.

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