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The Falls Farm

May 3, 2020

We are a family run farm growing produce for our local community. The Falls Farm is situated in an exceptionally beautiful landscape within meters of the Mapleton Falls National Park. Extensive areas on the farm have been landscaped with picturesque dams and watercourses, ‘secret’ gardens, forests and picnic areas.

We use the produce we have in abundance as well as the seconds that we don’t sell, to create delicious preserves, jams, pickles, dips and chutneys to accompany your meals.


Things of note

The vegetables, which are grown in what Ms Ballinger describes as market garden rooms, aren’t pulled by their roots but snipped when harvested to protect soil structure and worms at work. It’s part of a no-till permaculture philosophy adopted by the farm. To rest the rows after harvest, green cover crops are grown then snipped off at the base to create a green mulch that is enriched with a molasses spray. Plants raised from seed on the farm are then planted back into the rows.

The Falls Farm roadside stall caters to locals and tourists visiting Mapleton National Park.

Pulling back the curtain

The Falls Farm wants to share our farming story with you. To achieve this, we can farm walking tours lead by the head gardeners. This will introduce to the novice, the home gardener or those who just want to know how their favourite winter vegetables are grown organically.

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