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The Sociable Weaver

April 29, 2020

The Sociable Weaver is a design and building company that creates healthy, sustainable, community minded, functional homes. Our thoughtfully designed houses encourage connection to nature, to community, to family, to friends and to ourselves. We work with the natural world, building homes and structures that are regenerative and inspiring. Homes that foster a sense of belonging for everyone who inhabits the space. We are not only interested in creating homes; we are interested in creating a new way of being — one that inspires a richer, more meaningful experience for the inhabitant, and has a positive impact on the world we live.

Things of note

Environmental responsibility informs every decision we make from our building materials to our building processes. This isn’t just about positively impacting the planet and increasing energy efficiency in our homes, it’s about connecting residents to nature, awakening their senses, and promoting a healthier, more balanced state of mind and wellbeing.

Built for sustainability

Currently, over 90% of our construction waste is recycled with a goal to recycle 100% of our construction waste by 2020. We live on and in a closed ecological system called planet Earth, where all waste from one process becomes food for another. The Sociable Weaver homes are also each designed to a minimum 7 Star energy rating. Our intention is for all of our homes to be carbon neutral or carbon positive and where possible we love to take things completely off-grid. We design our homes to outlast a lifetime, focusing on making them practical, economical and available at a price point that makes architecturally designed, functional, healthy and environmentally conscious homes accessible to more buyers.

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Giving Back

By planting at least 300 trees for every project we are helping restore natural ecosystems and regenerating the timber we use for our buildings on site. We ensure that the trees for each project are planted in a suitable habitat and encourage our clients to join us for tree planting events. To protect and preserve the coastlines our staff and clients enjoy, we remove at least 300 kilograms of coastal pollution from Australian beaches every year. We work with Clean Coast Collective to run beach clean ups and invite our clients to join us. All waste removed is recorded for the Australian Marine Debris Initiative.

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