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Yora Pet Food

April 29, 2020

It’s time to reduce your paw print! We take whole larvae and gently dry them to create a protein rich ‘flour’ that contains all of their precious nutrients and minerals. Nutritionally our grubs are at least as good as chicken, and much higher quality and less processed than the meat meal in most other pet foods. They’re actually easier to digest, which makes them perfect for dogs with sensitive tummies. Yora’s grubs are packed with essential proteins, fats and minerals, and we use whole grubs so you get all of the goodness, no nasty byproducts.

Things of note

We carefully researched the most nutritious vegetables that don’t require as much energy and water to grow. Potatoes, oats and beetroot all have a much lower carbon footprint to grow than rice and sweet potato. We make further savings by growing the oats right on our doorstep in the field next to our factory!

Bonus, our packaging is home compostable. It is designed to easily breakdown under biodegrading conditions. Our kibble bags have an incredibly clean printing process which uses water based inks to minimise contaminants in the atmosphere.


We're stocked across stores in the UK and provide a map where you can find a location closest to you. You can also order online for shipping to the UK and Europe. We're working on shipping across the world!

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Giving back

If your dog doesn’t love Yora we’ll give you a full refund. Just let us know, and then give it to a local animal shelter or a friend so it doesn’t go to waste.

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