Bamboo Straws

Our engraved bamboo straws are great for your drinks, bubble teas, perfect for little cocktails at the bar (that you can slip easily inside your purse) and for travelling.

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Our beautifully engraved bamboo straws are great for your drinks, perfect for little cocktails at the bar (that you can slip easily inside your purse) and for travelling.

They are made from local, panda-free bamboo by a small team in Vietnam.

Your straws come with a 100% hemp straw pouch and coconut bristle cleaning brush. You can purchase them in the size you prefer and/or as a mixed bundle.

The bamboo is a natural material so variations in the design exist in each straw. The diametre and length of each straw may vary slightly.

Cocktail – approx 8mm wide, 14cm long
Standard – approx 9mm wide, 22cm long
Extra wide – approx 12mm wide, 20cm long

Home Compostable
Cruelty Free

We don’t know exactly how many straws we use per day around the world but in American estimates vary between 200 – 500 million per day (1 | 2). Market research firms put the figure between 63 billion to 142 billion straws per year and these figures may not account for all the straws used at home or attached to juice boxes and drinks. Just for America. Straws are damaging to our environment, get stuck in our ocean animals & cause suffering and death, are ingested by others and slowly break down into smaller plastic pieces leeching into our environment. Straws are an easy place to start whether in your daily life, out and about at cafes, for your kids or at parties.

By purchasing this product you are reducing plastic waste, supporting our education, advocacy and research across the world, providing jobs to vulnerable women in Cambodia in our own little product centre, and helping to support environmentalism & education to kids and communities.

These straws are designed to last for years but at end of life, this product can simply be returned to the ground in compost or buried.

Note: if you require a flexible or plastic straw for your body, your needs come first.

Our bamboo straws are made by a little team in Vietnam from local, panda-free bamboo. They are not laquered with chemicals. The bamboo is a natural material so variations in the design exist in each straw.

Hemp carry pouch
Your straws will arrive in a 100% pure hemp carry pouch. The straw bag can be tied close at the top with 100% hemp twine.

Coconut brush cleaner
Our coconut brush cleaners are created in Vietnam. The stem is made from metal (this can be recycled) and the bristles are made from coconut fibre instead of nylon (these can be popped into your compost, with the worms or added to your soil).

Our labels were made from the off-cuts we save whilst cutting our products so you may receive a product with this. We have since transitioned to 100% cotton labels and now use those off-cuts for other products to retain zero waste.

Included in this item is:

Your selection of bamboo straws
1 x coconut brush cleaner
1 x 100% hemp straw carry pouch
1 x eco tag with compostable label & 100% hemp twine

Rinse out with water in the sink and air dry. Use your coconut brush clean to scrub the straw inside to clean out from drinks that leave residue (such as smoothies). Do not place in dishwashers. Do not soak for long periods of time.

Children under 12 must use this product with adult supervision.

All of our packaging is thoughtful and plastic free. Where packages require padding, we use post-consumer, recycled shredded paper. Our tissue paper is custom designed and uses vegetable ink (rather than standard petroleum-based ink). It is acid, lignin and sulfur free and is FSC certified (Forest Stewardship Council for sustainable forestry). Please reuse it where possible. Our mailers and envelopes are made from 100% recycled materials. Our thank you cards are made from 100% recycled cotton t-shirts. Our swing tags are made from card that can be recycled or composted. Sleeves are made from 100% recycled stock. We use paper tape for any additional closures. Please compost and recycle our packaging as appropriate.

Once this product reaches end of life, please compost, add to your organic waste bin, break up in the garden to use as mulch or bury in soil (break into pieces for quicker decomposing time).

The following styles are currently available for this product:

Cocktail straw - 14cm

Standard straw - 22cm

Extra wide - 20cm

Various sizes

We’ve got three bamboo straw sizes available to you. Cocktail (for those little drinks or the littlies), standard and extra wide (for those bubble teas and thick smoothies or slushies).

Plastic free packaging

All of our packaging is plastic free. Your straws are wrapped with hemp twine and have a compostable or recyclable swing tag attached.

Transparency & impact

We're committed to running a sustainable business that benefits everyone involved. Our goals are to continue education on environmental issues through our platform, carry out more research work, create an ethical model of business and provide workshops & action on environmentalism in developing countries. Click on the topics to learn more.