Recycled Linen Bowl Covers (Set of 4)

Save your food and make your tables, pantries and fridges prettier! Our beautiful, breathable bowl covers are made from recycled linens. There are also mixed sets available for linens and covers with lining.

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Need something to cover your food quickly in the pantry or fridge, or heading to a gathering? These will do the trick! Our beautiful, breathable bowl covers are made from recycled linens. There are two separate styles of bowl covers; one with lining (cotton) and one without (linen). Bowl covers without lining like these are perfect for chips, dough, batter, seeds, nuts and produce. Bowl covers with lining are waterproof inside and designed for foods such as salads, pasta, vegetable crudités, fruit salad, guacamole, dips or left-overs and to protect items from going stale quickly such as open cookies. They’re easy to clean and can therefore get messy!

All covers are great for the outdoors to keep the flies and insects off the food (and look pretty darn gorgeous on your table).

The covers are sewn with an elastic band so they can scrunch snugly to your bowl. They are designed to last as long as the elastic keeps nice and tight (and after that you can always grab a piece of twine and tie them round to neatly fit).

Bowl covers will last for around a year (due to the elastic and consistent usage). At end of life, this product can be returned to the ground in compost or buried. Please remove (cut out) the elastic and lining before you do so.

Covers are available in sets of 4 of different sizes. One set of 4 includes:

Extra Small 15cm
Small 20cm
Medium 25cm
Large 30cm

Home Compostable
Ethical Labor
Plastic Free

By purchasing this product you are also reducing major plastic waste and impacts on climate change, supporting our education and research across the world, providing jobs to vulnerable women in Cambodia in our own little product centre, and helping to support environmentalism & education to kids and communities in Cambodia.

These bags are designed to last for years but at end of life, this product can simply be returned to the ground in compost or buried.

Our produce bags are made at our own little centre supporting ethical labor and a happy workplace in rural Cambodia. We love spending a lot of time on the ground here.

Our bowl covers are made from recycled linens (solid colors) and recycled cottons (neutral colors). Our fabric is redirected from landfill in order to reduce our environmental impact. Instead of using new (virgin) materials, we collect fabrics that would otherwise have been burned or found their way to landfill. As cottons (whether organic or conventional) take an enormous amount of resources to produce we prefer to use fabrics that are already in existence and would have gone to waste. These fabrics exist from an over-supply to businesses, wrong orders, unused due to changes etc. We collect these and use them for our products.

Only our cotton bowl covers have a lining option. All linen bowl covers are unlined. Unlike nearly everything else we create or use, our lining does not have a natural end of life. There are some products on the market that tout a biodegradable lining but this often stops working or degrading after 4 – 6 months (or 15 – 30 washes) and aren’t all certified food safe or decently water resistant. Those products also use new virgin cotton materials so the raw materials + replacements do not make for an environmental product. We did the math and instead opted for the best food-safe certified, water-resistant lining available that will last five – ten years (1,000 washing cycles). Naturally BPA free, fire retardant, phthalate free & CPSIA tested. We are currently exploring eco-only alternatives for the future that can be composted at home.

Our labels were made from the off-cuts we save whilst cutting our products so you may receive a product with this. We have since transitioned to 100% cotton labels and now use those off-cuts for other products to retain zero waste.

Included in this item is:

4 bowl covers of varying sizes (1 each)
Hemp twine to tie the product together
Eco swing tag (can be recycled)




This is an easy care product. You can hand wash these covers or use your washing machine on a gentle, cold cycle. There may be some small shrinkage from the first wash. Lay flat to dry.

All of our packaging is thoughtful and plastic free. Where packages require padding, we use post-consumer, recycled shredded paper. Our tissue paper is custom designed and uses vegetable ink (rather than standard petroleum-based ink). It is acid, lignin and sulfur free and is FSC certified (Forest Stewardship Council for sustainable forestry). Please reuse it where possible. Our mailers and envelopes are made from recycled materials. Our thank you cards are made from 100% recycled cotton t-shirts. We use paper tape for any additional closures. Please compost and recycle our packaging as appropriate.

At end of life this product can simply be cut up and returned to the ground in compost or buried.

The following styles are currently available for this product. We don't specify the size with the color as we use as much of the fabric as possible to create as little waste so some colors have multiple sizes. Your set will receive your design & color choices as per the dropdown in a combination of the 4 sizes.


Navy Blue


Pale Pink

Pale Blue

Olive Green

Various Styles

We make our bowl covers in various colors and patterns to combine together or buy in one color set. The styles change throughout the year depending on the fabrics we’re rescuing.

Plastic free packaging

All of our packaging is plastic free. Your produce bags come in a minimally designed package which can be composted or recycled. Your item will either arrive in a recycled card box or eco-friendly mailer.

Transparency & impact

We're committed to running a sustainable business that benefits everyone involved. Our goals are to continue education on environmental issues through our platform, carry out more research work, create an ethical model of business and provide workshops & action on environmentalism in developing countries. Click on the topics to learn more.