Roaming Interviews & Photography

Looking to feature an interview of an environmentalist, researcher, innovator, eco-influencer, politician, conservation organization, or activist on your website, social channels or inside your magazine? Perhaps you’re in need of some beautiful photography of a landscape, business, person, event or cause in a specific location?

Save the emissions and we’ll create the perfect capture for you.

We’re perfectly positioned to create beautiful photography or conduct this interview on your behalf and can provide you the final raw scripts, notes, pull-outs, edited interview, article, professional photography, graphical elements in line with your style and videography as required.

We’ll work with you on a brief, desired outcomes, project requirements and then get everything to you beautifully and professionally.  Generally, we conduct interviews in-person and provide you with professional photography and videography (where required). Our knowledge in the environmental space allows us to create questions (in addition to your own) that are targeted specifically to your audience and ensure we can drill down further as appropriate on answers. We can be found across the world but also have some more professional roaming photographers to lean on in certain locations that we can work closely with.

Our packages are tailored but tend to average between $400 and $1,500 depending on your requirements. You can find more information on our photography right here.

Finally, as it’s an excellent cross-over with our own work, we’ll post most interviews and photography we create (with your approval) once published across our social channels and popular bi-weekly environment newsletter wherever appropriate with links to your online piece, exposing this work to tens of thousands of additional, highly engaged people who truly care.

We’re really excited to work with you. Please use the form below or email us at hello (at) letting us know whether you’re looking for photography or interviews (or a combination of both) and we’ll send you through some more details.