Sustainable Consulting

Yes, we do consulting!

We get asked this quite a bit and we’re so grateful to see businesses reaching out to navigate these tricky waters. Running an ethical and sustainable organization isn’t always easy (and sometimes it’s just downright difficult). We get it.

Whether you’re a company, social enterprise, B-corp, or not-for-profit, and no matter if you operate in the corporate world, fashion, design, manufacturing, the eco-space or you’re a business well outside of this, we want to ensure you’re utilizing sustainable practises, can measure your impact, and are marketing this to your audience effectively and truthfully (so you can build a community that rallies around you and create real change).

We can work with you on a range of topics and in a number of ways. We’ve listed some common projects below and you might also like to check out our workshops and presentations page for training and facilitation (for education, solution creating and implementation) we can work on with you.

You might already be well on this journey and looking to maximize your work on this or step-up to the next level, or you might be beginning to incorporating certain values into your business. We can help you understand what materials you can utilize and provide education on this and possible production methodologies, calculating impact metrics, tightening your brand, leveraging opportunities for growth, communicating key messages to your audience and analyzing your supply chains for environmental impact and ethical issues.

If your business is well outside our scope or expertise, we’ll let you know and hopefully be able to point you to some other great people. We’re in this with you to make a tangible impact!

Note: as a social enterprise, all our consulting profits are poured back into the business to pay our experts, run workshops in rural Cambodia, create community champions, and continue to deliver global environment education. Thank you so much for your support.


Commonly, we’re called in to help with the trade-off questions, understanding the supply-chain & improving it, research & content development, circularity reporting, figuring out the gaps and next steps, and impact measurement. We love this work. You might need us for an hour call to sense-check some ideas. Maybe you’re pulling together a team to work on an innovation product or service in this space. You could be exploring a new product or making over an existing item to be home-compostable or recyclable. Perhaps you’ve got packaging that you really need to develop. It might be that you need a clear brief on all the available materials to you, the pros and cons, and how to source them. Or maybe you need a functioning digital prototype. Some offices are also looking to go low-waste and could use an extra pair of brains to create and manage a plan. We also have experience in the areas of international development, environmental law, restoration and botany if that’s your jam.

There’s a few of us available and we’re happy to do in-person meetings where possible or voice / video calls for everywhere else. Would you rather be in a Slack channel so we can just type it all out and converse casually that way? We’ll make that happen too.


Our deliverables will depend entirely on the work you require but we’ll be sure to outline these with you when discussing your project.

Investment & Booking

We offer two options for our consulting. A package of 10 hours for $950 (small business) or $2,500 (larger companies), or a monthly rate of $1,500 – $5,000 per month for a full-service option depending on time & resource commitment (all can be invoiced in equivalent for Euro, AUD, GBP, NZD or CAD). All our income supports our environmental education, advocacy & research.

We can generally book you in for a start date within the next month. Please use the booking form below or email [email protected] to start chatting about your requirements and how we can help. We can’t wait to see what you’re working on!

Marketing Audit

Marketing audits are ideal for businesses that are looking to build community, increase engagement, generate more sales, and grow brand awareness and potential press + media coverage. They are also useful in creating a current snapshot of your brand, bringing it all into line to ensure it’s cohesive, and sending a clear message optimized to the varying channels and audience profiles. 

During our marketing audit we will well spend two weeks reviewing & analyzing:

  • Branding including visual elements & core messaging 
  • Website including design & function
  • eCommerce or service UX
  • Foundational SEO 
  • Content architecture 
  • Social media (up to 4 channels) 
  • Newsletter / email marketing
  • Optins and website funnels (where relevant)
  • Up to 3 key collateral documents (i.e. pitch deck, services guide, wholesale booklet, business cards, promo package etc)

Everything is tailored specifically for you. You will receive:

  1. A comprehensive audit report with implementation advice (as per below)
  2. Detailed content strategy & plan with implementation systems and workflow to manage this best
  3. New Instagram feed design
  4. Up to 10 Instagram graphics according to the content plan for usage
  5. Graphic templates in InDesign, Photoshop or Sketch where required for the content strategy (social channels & blog)
  6. Profile design for socials where required (up to 4 channels)
  7. Newsletter content plan and suggestions
  8. A content writing plan & strategy with SEO advice
  9. 10 article ideas for SEO ranking and audience building
  10. Up to 20 key sites for media, press, interviews, podcasts & guest writing
  11. Media outreach project management system & workflow outlined
  12. Marketing management system & workflow detailed

Your complete report will:

  • Outline our analysis of your business, service, campaign or organization as per the review items
  • Detail how you communicate your sustainable, ethics, values etc and how to improve and grow or change the approach to best suit your business and audience (and highlight all the amazing things you do!)
  • What’s missing on your website or what we would recommend including & noted strategy for this
  • List missed opportunities & revenue ideas (where relevant)
  • Detail UX (user experience) & CX (customer experience) improvements
  • Provide design suggestions & examples
  • Ideal content architecture for your website
  • Next steps & priority listing (for maximum  benefit to you)
  • All items listed above in deliverables

Investment & Booking

We make our services as affordable as possible so we can work with a large range of businesses. We know working in this space can be difficult and that margins are often slim. We will work on ensuring those numbers improve with you. Your marketing audit is $950usd (or equivalent in Euro, AUD, GBP, NZD or CAD) for small businesses or $10k for bigger companies. You will be sent a deposit invoice for 50% to lock in your project start date, with the second half due after our initial phone consult, prior to beginning our audit and review. 

We can generally book you in for a start date within the next month. Please use the booking form below or email [email protected] We can’t wait to work with you!

Phone Consult

We’ll chat about your current position, your ideas, direction, what’s worked and what hasn’t along with a many more questions. We’ll do a lot of listening and are eager to hear what you’re working on!

Audit & Review

Our two weeks commence and we’ll get busy completing a full review of your markeing items and digital business aspects as per the above. We’ll prepare everything in a report for your review and comments.


Once we’ve chatted about our observations and recommendations we’ll hand over all files and assets and ensure you’re happy with everything and know what steps to take next. 

Check in

We will reach out to you again one month later to see how implementation is going, any questions you have, bottlenecks that have arisen etc. 

Nowhere & Everywhere Environment Eco Sustainable Ethical Business Marketing Social Media Operations Audit Review Analysis

Operating Audit

An operating audit will review the environmental and social impact of key services or products within your organization and how to improve these or create new products and processes that better align with your vision and community building. We will work with you over the course of one month (longer if the project requires it, to be determined when we chat) to analyze your current state and your journey forwards to attain your ideal state or goals. 

Our work in this space varies per project to ensure the best outcomes for your business and so it meets your needs specifically. Generally our time together covers:

  • Your business goals
  • Your current business structure
  • New product development lines
  • A new service being developed
  • Analyzing & reporting on the environmental impact of 3 product lines or services rendered (higher where required if discussed)
  • Analyzing the social impact of 3 product lines or services offered
  • Carbon emission analysis

Everything is tailored specifically for your organization and requirements. Generally you will receive some or a combination of :

  • Current state overview
  • Accurate calculation of environmental and social impacts, what requires improvement & how, and how to market key aspects for leverage
  • Implementation plant to meet future goals
  • Customer journey mapping
  • Prioritization matrix
  • New innovations available to you that will be better for the planet (and ultimately your product)
  • Systems and workflows to meet your sustainability & growth goals
  • Report on missed opportunities in your approach, processes, supply chain and/or marketing
  • Provision of numerous graphics for marketing & transparency purposes to use across social media, your website, blogs, interviews & press
  • Examples of how to effectively communicate your sustainability, ethics & values
  • What’s missing on your website or what we would recommend including & noted strategy for this
  • Carbon emissions reductions & offsets

Investment & Booking

Operational audit projects vary depending on the complexity, business size and product or service lines but you can expect our work to fall in the range of $2 – $15k USD (or equivalent in Euro, AUD, GBP, NZD or CAD). You will be sent a deposit invoice for 50% to lock in your project scheduling, and final payment will be due prior to hand over of deliverables. All our income supports our environmental education, advocacy & research.

We can generally book you in for a start date within the next month. Please use the booking form below or email [email protected] to start chatting about your requirements and how we can help. We can’t wait to see what you’re working on.

We can’t wait to hear about your business, what you’re doing in the world and what your vision & goals are.