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Support our work

With your support we can train more community champions to run environment workshops in rural Cambodia and take action within their own villages, sustain and launch project initiatives, work with more experts to expand this work and sponsor more community projects across the world (we’ve got a whole list waiting for a small kickstart).

We don’t get to do this without you and we’re so darn grateful for your help. 

  • $25 per month from a small fraction of our community supports the projects we run and deliver education pieces.
  • $50 per month contributes greatly to the cost of paying all the wonderful experts and researchers.
  • $100 helps us run a community workshop so we can pay local NGOs, organize travel for the public and ensure we provide snacks or a meal for everyone attending and their kids (it contributes half the cost).
  • $250 pays for a community project through our scholarships fund initiative.

All the ways you can support us

We’re a small social enterprise and in addition to donating, there are a whole lot of other ways you can support us. We’re so grateful to be in this with you.

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✉️ Signup for Icebreaker Mail and forward to a friend of colleague if you enjoyed it

🌱 Tip us about your favorite local or travel eco spots and services for our global directory

💡 Work with us on training, impact measurement, creating a more sustainable business, new products or policy launch

🎤 We’re available to write, mentor or speak at your organization – reach out via email with your thoughts and we can chat further

✍🏽 Send us a little email with what you’re working on, what you enjoy most or your ideas – we love hearing from you

💬 Tell your friends about us – we’d love to grow the action we’re all taking across the world

If you’re looking for an ethical & useful item or would like to gift something special, you can support our work through our little slow, handmade low-waste shop.

We run circular economy training, sustainability design workshops, design thinking, impact measurement and education workshops on the environment to create action.