About us

We’re a small team with experience in environmental science, law, human rights and business. We use this, and design & systems thinking, to focus on the climate and biodiversity crises, and our relationship with consumption and waste. We adore anyone doing their bit for the planet.

We have four primary focus areas. Contributing within our communities, adjusting how we live in order to thrive, changing the way we work, and shifting the economic system. We connect the facts and stories, advocate strongly for top-down legislation & structural change, address inequality and encourage people powered action. No matter where you are in your journey, we're so excited you're here.

NE Team Member Lis

Lis Dingjan

Lis has a background in product, law, international development and design, and is particularly passionate about biodiversity loss, human rights, our economic system and natural wonders (like hemp!).
NE Team Member Emily

Emily Safe

Scientist & Manager
Emily is our environmental scientist who spends her rare spare time protecting the world even more (really - she's even saving the Numbats). She is also our wonderful team manager.
NE Team Member MsPhea

Ms Phea

Studio Manager
Ms Phea manages our little production studio in a village in rural Cambodia. She is an educator, highly skilled and creatively comes up with solutions to our impossible problems.
NE Team Member Adam

Adam Cross

Postdoctoral Research Fellow
Adam our Botanist steps in whenever we require expert help. He also provides plenty of our plant facts and insights into the conservation world here and for Skwoodle (our kids project). We are so grateful for the time he donates.
NE Team Member Cambodia

Cambodia Project Team

Advisors & Creatives
Our core team has sewers, woodworkers, community liaison officers and a recycling consultant. All are supporting their own families who come and hang out at the studio. We're working on individual photos and bios.
NE Team Member Community


Thank you everyone!
It takes a village to run this shindig. From skilled blacksmiths, to carpenters, builders (our lead is pictured here always smiling despite the heat!), translators, teachers and the families that support this work and graciously allow us to work with them.

Environmental project officers

We run a paid internship program where project officers work with us on research activities, articles and guides, science communication and pursuing an area they're particularly passionate in to learn further. Interested in the program? We look for a diverse range of experiences and backgrounds and would love to hear from you. Positions are remote so you can be located anywhere in the world. They run for three months. Please email us with the subject Internship and add your CV, passion and any relevant links. We'd love to hear from you.

NE Team Member Rachael

Rachael Scott

Environmental Biologist
Rachael was our first incredible project officer. She is dedicated to scientific research, a wonderful writer and has been working on visual communication. Rachael was the superstar lead on our comprehensive guide to biodiversity.

The aim of life is to live, and to live means to be aware, joyously, drunkenly, serenely, divinely aware.

Henry Miller