Sometimes we get asked if there is a way to support our work beyond purchasing from us. We’re very, very honored you’re thinking of doing this and each donation is so helpful to the work we do.

The more we can raise each month, the more we can be entirely dedicated to this cause, create much more, share more stories, and do much deeper research.

We create our products in the hope of putting beautiful, high quality and truly sustainable items into the market and provide certain services; all to support our education and research. We don’t take funding from other external sources. If you don’t need anything at the moment, that’s great!

We’ve recently decided to enable Paypal donations if you would like to support our work this way. Please make a donation by clicking here (you can allocate where you would like us to use the funds and you can make it a recurring contribution if you wish). Please note the donation will land in our parent company account Identity Division Pty Ltd and be utilized only for Nowhere & Everywhere.

We have also recently created a Patreon account whereby you can donate on a monthly basis – and there are lots of benefits! You can find out more by clicking here.

We thank you so much in advance for your donation and the work we can do because of it.