Let's change the world so everyone, and every species, can thrive.

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Nowhere & Everywhere

We exist to create better communities, adjust how we live in order to thrive, change the way we work, and shift the economic system to a happier, equitable, and sustainable one. We aim to connect the facts and stories, advocate for top-down legislation & structural change, address inequality and encourage people powered action.

Believe in Science
Believe the facts

Evidence based science means human caused climate change and wildlife loss is happening right now.

Reduce plastics
Reduce our waste

Our waters, lands, homes and bodies have become a plastic paradise on food waste mountain.

Plant Eating
Sustainable eating

We need to eat a whole lot less processed food & meat and fill up on local plant produce.

Equality & Empathy
Equality, empathy & freedom

We have no tolerance for racism, sexism and any opression. We acknowledge our privilege.

Travel & Explore
Explore the open road

The more you dive into the world, the more you want to preserve it. Start local, travel sustainably.

Consume less and consciously
Consume less

Less is better. We value quality, craftmanship and ethical products. And, smaller living spaces.