Change the world

Our guiding principles

Believe in science

Evidence based science means climate change is real. Bonus, the renewables sector is exciting.

Reduce our plastics

Our oceans, lands, homes, shops and bodies have become a plastic paradise. We’re ending this.

Eat from the ground

We need to eat a whole lot less processed food & meat and a whole lot more plants.

Equality, Empathy & Freedom

No tolerance for racism, sexism, facism & homophobia. And we acknowledge our privilege.

Explore the open road

The more you see of the world, the more you'll want to preserve it. Start local, travel far.

Consume less

Less is better. We value quality, craftmanship and ethical products. Also, smaller living spaces.

Wander the earth do things you love find freedom travel more cook more eat whole eat from the ground drink from a sustainable bottle accept differences laugh hug encourage your neighbors have a community take more picnics share showers do more good stuff for people do things you love crave cultures lift up others show kindness every day be free support people to be their best help the world show love

Take the first steps
The Facts
8,000,000TPlastic in the ocean each year
15,000LAbout 250 showers for 1kg of beef
40%Of all food is wasted

With your help we think we can change these stats with small, daily actions.