Pizza at Franco’s

Walk down the driveway to the door of Franco’s home and before you knock you’ll find yourself cheekily picking off sweet, fresh strawberries, popped quickly inside your mouth. He will open the door and find you inhaling deeply amongst the herbs. A classic Ducati will meet you inside. To your left the perfume glass making room where creative designs for luxury brands come to life. Upstairs, family and food await.

First we eat, then we do everything else.

M.F.K. Fisher

The best pizza you will ever taste will be delivered to your mouth. Those strawberries you snuck in? They will be baked for dessert, with fresh coffee on the side. In between it all courses of home brewed beer and local wine will be served as you glance out over the views of the Tuscan hills. Quibbles over olive oil will dominate conversation as laughter echoes and sparkles of the sunlight drift through.

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