We work with organizations on environmental initiatives through design, innovation, evidence, systems change, research, community engagement, and lifecycle analysis.

We have a unique blend of experience design, environmental science, crisis management, law, business modelling and technology that allows us to best understand the intersection of our current world. We are constantly working on circular design, international development and education initiatives, and are advocates of transparency and creativity to solve some of our wicked problems. Whether you’re a large company, small Bcorp, government department, social enterprise (like us!), not-for-profit, or agency, we’re excited to learn more about you.

We can help you in a number of ways to solve problems and create understanding, action, initiatives, community and offerings. Perhaps one of these applies?

When you reach out, we’ll understand your goals, chat through how we can work together, answer all your questions, and tailor options that suit you best.

We’re committed to ensuring you receive practical value from our work. Our consulting is thorough and we work hard to ensure we meet your goals. Our presentations are beautifully designed and aid our talks. Our workshops are interactive and useful, and we love a great Q&A session – no waste and fluff also applies here! You’ll find a contact form below or you can email us. We’re happy to create tailored options for your event or company. Prices listed are for our work but exclude travel where required, food, venue and additional team members for larger audiences if needed. We can invoice in a number of currencies. All funds go to supporting our education work and projects.

Note: as a social enterprise, all our consulting profits are poured back into the business to pay our experts, run workshops in rural Cambodia, create community champions, and continue to deliver global environment education. Thank you so much for your support.


In two days we’ll focus on your product or service, map it out and work together to turn it into a circular system that works better for your customers, your business and the environment. We cover a lot in this work and include supply chains, life cycles, modelling and prototyping.

3 – 25 people   |   2 Days ($2,500)

Sustainability Sprint

With your team we’ll identify key problems, generate ideas, design new concepts and test it out with end users or clients to validate and outline next steps. These workshops are highly interactive, challenging and fun. We’ll provide everything to facilitate the best outcome.

5 – 12 people   |   4 days
$10 – $15k

UX, CX, Service Design & the Circular Economy

We’ll explain how these all work together, where to map out your changes, practical components, and how to leverage your skills into order to circularize your products and services. We’ll also get into the benefits for your business and your customers and how to roll this out.

Presentation: Unlimited   |   40min + Q&A ($550)
Workshop: 5 – 30 people   |   Half day ($1,200)

Design & Systems Thinking for Impact

There’s a lot of buzz about social impact but we’re not a big fan of the word. Everyone creates impact; some is bad, some is good. We’re determined to create the good kind and use design thinking and systems change to facilitate this as the default. We’ll also think about business models, framework issues, lifecycle thinking and working in impact measurement.

Presentation: Unlimited   |   30 minutes + Q&A session ($500)
Workshops: 3 – 25 People | Half Day ($1,200)

Sustainable Design

For as long as we’ve crafted a word for it, human-centred design (HCD) has not been all that great to humans as we’re currently busy destroying the world around us (and the lives of humans in the process). Plenty of good design results in destruction and human rights abuses. This workshop will delve into a better way, examining what we do, change theories, and how to implement with practical components tailored to your business. 

5 – 35 people   |   Half day ($1,500)

Understanding our world

Environmentalism intersects deeply with racism, sexism, colonialism, privilege and poverty. The language we use can often be tinged with this as well as our thoughts, ideas, actions and solutions. Even the way we speak about the circular economy and social impact can be rather problematic. In this presentation we’ll cover a lot of ground on this, what to look out for, what to adjust and how to implement this consistently. 

5 – 150   |   45 minutes + Q&A session ($650 for one speaker or $1,200 for two for ideal delivery) 

Pilot and test

We’ll work with you on your new or improved product or service feasibility, conduct a workshop with key stakeholders, pilot the solution with end-users with quantitative and qualitative data, back up the feedback with useful information and improvements and then evaluate, refine and scale the offering with you.

Customized to your offering

Impact measurement

In order to know what you’re achieving you need to be able to measure your impact. You pick a key service or product and we’ll run a customized workshop with key stakeholders to determine your value, your social, environmental and business impacts (including financial, customer and experience). Together we’ll work out how to report this, continue measuring and improve upon it where appropriate.

2 – 10   |   2 Half Days ($2,200)

Research and visualization

We do a whole lot of research around these parts! We’re your partner in researching a specific topic or analyzing an environmental issue. We’ll present our findings, ensure everything is accurately sourced, cross-referenced and accessible. We’ll offer our rationale, opinions, gaps in the current status and commentary. We can also present findings in visual graphics, videos, illustration and with data visualization to best communicate with your audience or other stakeholders.

Customized (generally $750 – $5k)

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