Does any palm oil alternative not ruin the environment?

At this point, pretty much no. At the sheer scale we use palm oil, any viable current alternative would likely ruin a different ecosystem. Scientists are looking at algae and seaweed based solutions produced in the lab in the UK and India which is giving us some hope.
Palm oil can be avoided though as it’s not a necessary ingredient! Cut your processed foods out (eat fresh, make homemade goods, source from local bakeries etc) and replace your toiletries & cosmetics where these options are accessible to you.
This latter bit is harder – you need to do some research and whilst you’re at it, source them plastic free. This part in particular is understandably difficult for a lot of people as it is more expensive and therefore not accessible. We also love homemade recipes for these items. If you can carve out some time, the internet is full of these and you’ll feel proud too.
In the meantime we can all advocate big conglomerates to use ethical ingredients.

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