Days of Delight in Daylesford

Victorians have a few special little towns they weekend away in and Daylesford is one of their best. Head here with camera, minus your phone, for a few days and soak in the passion of food, restored architecture and smiles from the loveliest locals.

Cosy Tents Glamping

Highly recommend

Glamping under the stars in luxury at Cosy Tents.
Head to Wine and the Country in the quiet little town for beautiful wine, cheese and people watching.
Escape to the lavender fields (and delicious food) at Lavandula.
Cliffy’s Emporium is worth a visit for food and little homeware delights.

Cliffy's Emporium

Driving through the beautiful greens of Daylesford reveals a landscape dotted with crumbling old buildings and derelict churches. At this particularly one we loved the outside and spotted a dog so out the car we hopped and commenced walking around the old walls until we ran into human life. With a broad smile he introduced himself as Stonemason Henry. He was single-handedly transforming this church for a couple in the city whom had bought it a few years earlier. It was a slow job. He showed us the places he had to remake the bricks outside in the exact style of the old trades. We stepped inside. It was also a beautiful job. Light, bright, polished and creatively spacious. It’s what church renovation dreams are made of.

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